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Robotics and Coding

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Coding is a set of instructions that a robot can interpret and follow. Robotics is the application of electronics, mechanics, and programming tools to program robots to do certain tasks. Robots are capable of executing things that humans are unable to. In robotics, both block-based and text-based coding is utilized. Coding is the method of interacting with computers.

Our course aims to provide teachers with knowledge on Programming, Coding, Robotics, 3D printing, as well as teaching methods that foster an intercultural thinking, decision-making, collaboration, and communication. Our aim is to encourage practical, successful teaching strategies to increase student motivation, to improve self-learning learning, and especially to improve teachers’ education in all branches, thus improving the quality of education.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the history of the use of robots in education and current developments;
  • Recognize the use and application of robotic theories in education;
  • Learn the limitations and importance of using robots in education;
  • Know teaching methods and techniques for using robots in education;
  • Get the knowledge of computational thinking skills and basic components.

Note: Course fee for tuition and materials per participant € 400 (5 days) / € 560 (7 days).

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