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Entrepreneurship Education

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Entrepreneurship education pursues the development on students of the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a diversity of settings. Each level of education, from primary school until graduate university level variations of entrepreneurship education are offered since the competences and abilities to be developed are in tune with the main pedagogical goals to be pursued in each age and maturity level of education.

Entrepreneurship education has caught much interest and provides a body of knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs particularly in schools of business management (Read and Sarasvathy, 2005). “Studying entrepreneurship as a form of expertise promises to shed light not only to how new businesses and markets are created, but also on how to make existing large enterprises more entrepreneurial as well” (Read and Sarasvathy, 2005: 4). Why entrepreneurship should be taught is defined by the European Commission (2009: 10) as following; entrepreneurship refers to an individual‟s ability to turn ideas into [13] action and cover creativity, innovation and risk-taking. It helps in the every-day life of individuals and making employees better able to seize opportunities. Entrepreneurship education provides a foundation. Furthermore according to the European Commission, the objective of such studies is to promote creativity, innovation and self-employment European Commission (2009: 10)

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve their knowledge in entrepreneurship education;
  • Understand various types of entrepreneurship;
  • Understand the different practices of entrepreneurship education;
  • Create their own exercises to teach elements of entrepreneurship in the classroom.

Note: Course fee for tuition and materials per participant € 400 (5 days) / € 560 (7 days).

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