Climate Change and Engineering&Agriculture Sciences Congresses were held by YEGEDER

As the founders of YEGEDER and its team, we held International Congress on Climate Change Effects on Health, Life, Engineering and Social Sciences (ICLIC 2022, and International Congress on Engineering and Agricultural Sciences (ENAG 2022, on September 26-29, 2022. We held these meetings at Selcuk University Sultan Arplaslan Congress Center with intense participation and numerous oral presentations. Scientific papers were presented by academicians for 3 days in our congress. On the 1st days of the congresses, workshops consisting of 4 sessions were held with the participation of our public and private sector stakeholders. YEGEDER chairman Assoc. Dr. Kemal TÜTÜNCÜ served as the vice president of the congress organization committee. Prof. Dr. Kubilay K. Baştaş and Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat Karaca from YEGEDER team took part in the congress organization committee as chairman and vice chairman.

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