About Us

About Us

YEGEDER aims to mediate social development through sustainable projects. Members and stakeholders of our organization; It is experienced and academically competent in the fields of education, social, health, engineering, technical, economic, environmental and climate. YEGEDER has the ability to conduct national and international courses, events, projects and consultancy activities in many fields in line with its adopted mission and vision.


YEGEDER aims to give individuals of all ages the opportunity to come into contact with different cultures.
• Discovers and develops the talents of individuals of all ages and connects these talents to experiential learning.
• Prepares, encourages and guides individuals of all ages before, during and after cultural exchanges.
• Aims to inspire, educate and/or guide.
• Uses an extensive international network of experts from different sectors.


“YEGEDER” believes that young people participating in international youth projects can become stronger and more confident in life.
• He took the concepts of creativity, education, innovation, development and synergy as his guide.
• It wants to create a synergy between young people and/or adults from different cultures through different communication channels.
• It wants to build bridges between different cultures.
• It is important to organize conferences, workshops and training, and to partner with committed partners.
• It aims to raise awareness on issues that are important to the society by organizing innovative projects, events and workshops.


• To create an environment where individuals of all ages can discover, share and develop their talents.
• Organizing social and cultural events and activities.
• To ensure the participation of young people in international projects and to motivate them accordingly.
• Organizing or mediating various aid organizations.
• Organizing organizations such as congresses, conferences, panels and interviews.
• Erasmus+, development agencies etc. Providing consultancy services for projects.

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