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Our organisation was created to promote cultural exchange, as we believe this
is an essential tool in our globally diverse world

We passionately and compassionately empower people to identify the elements that
need to change to turn the present global challenges into opportunities.

We promote tolerance, equality and solidarity among different cultures,
nationalities, religions, ethnic backgrounds..etc.

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The director of Agriculture, Climate Changes Application and Research Center, Selcuk University.


Communication Faculty, Department of Journalism, Selcuk University, Media Literacy, Social Media Research, Media Research.

Prof. Dr.

Economics Policy Department, Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty, Selcuk University, Financial Literacy.


Laboratory of Telematics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.

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To Shine the Torch of Development and Change

We believe that the most basic condition of social development will be provided by lifelong education and development of human resources. In addition, we believe that it is vital for social unity that the disadvantaged sections of the society are not neglected and integrated into the society. For this purpose, we contribute to the shining of the torch of development by reaching all segments of the society, especially the youth, with our social, cultural and R&D projects and activities.

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The beneficiary school receives the essential information from the course provider regarding the course materials.
The leading instructors are given a preliminary explanation of the course’s content after the schools get detailed information about the visiting teachers’ lodging, transportation, and eating and drinking needs.

Coding is a set of instructions that a robot can interpret and follow. Robotics is the application of electronics, mechanics, and programming tools to program robots to do certain tasks. Robots are capable of executing things that humans are unable to. In robotics, both block-based and text-based coding is utilized. Coding is the method of interacting with computers.

Entrepreneurship education pursues the development on students of the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a diversity of settings. Each level of education, from primary school until graduate university level variations of entrepreneurship education are offered since the competences and abilities to be developed are in tune with the main pedagogical goals to be pursued in each age and maturity level of education.

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